Hello fellow Advocate

Hi, I'm Mike. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in my early twenties, it's surreal that three decades have gone by managing this condition throughout most of my adult years. The unpredictability of living with diabetes emerged as one of my most significant challenges. It's been an incredibly daunting journey at times, yet it's also provided a unique lens through which I've come to see life.

About Us

I'm constantly mindful of how my food choices, activities, and destinations might impact my blood sugar levels. Each day presents its own challenges, yet I remain committed to managing this condition to the best of my abilities. It can feel like an additional responsibility, often causing frustration, but by integrating numerous minor adjustments into my routine, it gradually becomes the norm.

 Altering my lifestyle empowered me to take charge, shifting the narrative from being dictated by the disease to being in control. I've come to realize that I can manage this condition; it doesn't shape my identity. Ultimately, I'm committed to doing whatever it takes to lead a fulfilling, extended life and savor moments with friends and loved ones.



We established Stick2Hope with individuals like us in mind, embracing the unique technology we incorporate into our daily lives. Let's celebrate and showcase the remarkable devices we wear without any hesitation. Instead of merely appreciating its features, let's elevate the experience by presenting it in an entertaining or enjoyable manner.

When your device session concludes, seize the opportunity to apply or update the overlay. Alternatively, if you sense the inclination, consider delicately removing the current overlay and substituting it with a more suitable option. Opt for a design that complements your specific occasion, such as a special event or holiday.


Keep multiple themes on hand so you can change up the fun!!

Be expressive!   Be Bold!
Wear it proud!!