Hello fellow Advocate.

My name is Mike and in my early twenties, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  It is hard to believe 3 decades have passed and I have been managing this disease most of my adult life.  Who knew living with diabetes was going to be one of my biggest challenges.  At times it’s been extremely daunting but it has also made me look at life from a different perspective. 

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Everything I eat, everything I do or every place I go - I am always thinking of how it will affect my blood sugars.  Every day comes with its own unique difficulties but I know that every day I will do my best to control this disease.  At times it feels like another job, frustrating on most, but when you incorporate several small changes in your daily life, it becomes your new normal.


By changing my lifestyle, I began to feel like I was the one in control, not the disease.  I’ve learned this disease is manageable and does not define me.  In the end, I do what it takes in order to live a long life and enjoy time with friends and loved ones.

 About Us

We created Stick2Hope for special people like ourselves.  There should be no shame in displaying the incredible technology we wear every day.  Let’s not just wear the device for what it offers us lets accentuate it and show it off in an entertaining or fun way. 

Once your device session ends this is the best time to apply or replace the overlay.  But, if you feel the need, you could change it up by carefully removing the existing overlay and replace it with something more fitting.  Something to fit your occasion like a special event or holiday. 

Keep multiple themes on hand so you can change up the fun!!

Be expressive!   Be Bold!
Wear it proud!! 
Heck..  I’m still a kid at heart and I like to express my inner self..  
I like cars...
About Us


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Jan Y.
fabulous product

Prior to discovering Stick 2 Hope bandages, my infusion set on my upper thigh would constantly pull out. I'm so happy to have discovered this wonderful new product which I'd never be without!

I'm glad to hear they worked out for you. Thank you for the review.


I love all of the designs and patterns.

Game changer

My husband was about to give up on his Dexcom . The rash and itch was getting too much for him to continue to use. This has made a world of difference he can now where the dexcom with no issues.

Lots of variety!

Love my Stick2Hope products. I even shared the company with a friend at my recent high school reunion. When people see my patch it gives me an extra opportunity to share.

Traci L.
Awesome fun overlays.

I am a type 1 (on a pump and cgm) & have allergies. These overlays allow it to be a little whimsical to have to wear my equipment. No allergy rash and a little expression.

Great options, cool designs, work well!

Lots of awesome designs for all the holidays, seasons and mood. These stickers work well to give a fun cover to the dexcom devices and help keep them on great.
Thank you!~

Love these things!

I accidentally wrote a review for omnipod thinking it was for stick2hope,lol. I’ve been very happy with these overlays! I have to say I may be a tad allergic because they itch a bit, but not enough to cause a rash yet. So I’m good.

Anne B.
Happy so far

I have only had a few issues as a newbie, however, I have been impressed so far with support. (Except for repeated advice tried multiple times without a change when dealing with a faulty transmitter reading. I have had to change out pods frequently which makes me short for the remainder of my script. But they’ve been good about replacing them . I just wish they used a different shipping method.

Thank you for the review and the wonderful pictures.

Barbara L.
I love the varied choices!

Without your product, I wouldn't be able to use the FreeStyle Libre 3 (or 1 or 2) because I have a severe allergic reaction to the adhesive. The best part is that I can be creative with my choices depending on the season and depending on my mood. Such fun!

Thank you for the wonderful review and photo.

Angela A.

I really do like these covers. My only issue is they aren’t sweat proof. Put one on Friday night, went about my day Saturday and the top sticker began to peel off once I started sweating. I had to use some flex wrap to hold it in place. You can see in the picture where it is loose.

Hi Angela,

I’m sorry to hear your experience was not what you expected and thank you for reaching out.

The skin is a very complex organism, and every person will react differently to the adhesive. We work diligently to hopefully one day find that one adhesive that works for every skin type.
Here are some tips and suggestions that may help if you choose to make another attempt.

• As much as we like to use alcohol to clean and sanitize the area it’s not always the best when it comes to applied adhesives.
• Some body washes can leave behind a skin conditioner (i.e. lotions) Try to avoid body lotions and creams after showering.
• Make sure the surface area is dry before applying, at least 30 minutes.
• Apply a Skin-Tac or IV prep to the entire area for additional adhesion.
• The outer tabs on the patch should be the last paper backing to remove as you want to eliminate touching the adhesive as much as possible. If you need assistance, please watch this video demonstrating how to apply the patch. https://stick2hope.com/crackandpeel
• Try to place the patch at a location that does not see a lot of rubbing from other body parts or clothing.
• Trim hair with a dry razor if needed
• A change in diet, Medication, or Menstrual cycles can cause issues.
• Laundry detergent, perfume, or lotions.

Thank you for trying our product and we hope these tips help with your next application.

Stay Healthy,

Love these , they don’t hurt

Their perfect , stay put and easy to take off

Mike M.
Saved me from bad skin rash

Needed to start using these underlays to protect me after Dexcom changed their adhesive, they work great for me.

Libra 2

I bought the wrong one but it still works for me.
I have the libra 2 this is for the libra 3

I'm glad to hear you improvised and it's working out for you. Thank you for the review and the picture.

Love them. They stick great even after 10 days of bathing. Love the designs.

Heather H.
These are great!

I can't believe how well they stay in place. I will continue to order! Can't wait to see Christmas designs!

Thank you for the review and the great picture.

Missy N.
Nice graphics

I'm used to putting on the stickers without the hole. This was a big difference, it takes a bit of practice. Color was bright and fabric was soft. It was great to try it out before I bought a bunch.


Love all your products

back t.s.B.
Awesome fun

I love the designs and the fact that we can make the cgm look so much "cooler" to wear. We are noticing that after a week, the sticker starts to peel. Not sure what is happening as I have used the product many times in the past and haven't had this problem.

Great picture, thank you for the review.

Barbara V.
Peace of mind

These patches are a lifesaver! They help out especially when I’m sweating and moving taking care of patients! I love the various patterns and holiday ones! I’m looking forward to Halloween 🎃


I use the underlays without blisters, redness or itching

So fun

These are so fun! Being diabetic and covered in adhesive, at least you can be cute at the same time! I love that there are matching designs for the sensor and infusion sites!

Lisa T.

Great product works great. Love my decision to buy.❤️

Lisa T.

Love the way it sticks to my skin. When I first tried putting it on I had a problem trying to get the paper off the back. I just recently ordered a couple for my CGM and My Infusion sets. Love them especially now I don't have to put paper tape anywhere. Will order again and again.❤️❤️ Thank you

Julie S.
Perfect Product

This was exactly what I needed! The freestyle Libre 2 was giving me a rash from the adhesive. These work GREAT at keeping that adhesive away from my skin, so no rashes! It has the perfect about of adhesive itself, and that doesn't give me a rash. Customer service is great as well!


I love this company for having stylish designs for under patches. Please keep up the great work!!!!

Thank you for the review and the wonderful words.