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Hello fellow Advocate.

My name is Mike and in my early twenties, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  It is hard to believe 3 decades have passed and I have been managing this disease most of my adult life.  Who knew living with diabetes was going to be one of my biggest challenges.  At times it’s been extremely daunting but it has also made me look at life from a different perspective. 

About Us

Everything I eat, everything I do or every place I go - I am always thinking of how it will affect my blood sugars.  Every day comes with its own unique difficulties but I know that every day I will do my best to control this disease.  At times it feels like another job, frustrating on most, but when you incorporate several small changes in your daily life, it becomes your new normal.


By changing my lifestyle, I began to feel like I was the one in control, not the disease.  I’ve learned this disease is manageable and does not define me.  In the end, I do what it takes in order to live a long life and enjoy time with friends and loved ones.

 About Us

We created Stick2Hope for special people like ourselves.  There should be no shame in displaying the incredible technology we wear every day.  Let’s not just wear the device for what it offers us lets accentuate it and show it off in an entertaining or fun way. 

Once your device session ends this is the best time to apply or replace the overlay.  But, if you feel the need, you could change it up by carefully removing the existing overlay and replace it with something more fitting.  Something to fit your occasion like a special event or holiday. 

Keep multiple themes on hand so you can change up the fun!!

Be expressive!   Be Bold!
Wear it proud!! 
Heck..  I’m still a kid at heart and I like to express my inner self..  
I like cars...
About Us