Stick2Hope Helping the T1D Community Move Forward.....

Written by Mike Chiodo


Posted on April 07 2023

Stick2Hope Helping the T1D Community Move Forward

There are personal battles that most of us will never know. One of the biggest ones is a life with diabetes. Managing it is certainly challenging as one would always need to watch what they eat and keep track of their blood sugar levels. Therefore, people living with diabetes have to stick their fingers and give themselves insulin shots a couple of times a day. Mike Chiodo, who was diagnosed with diabetes in his early twenties shares similar experiences and frustrations. This diagnosis compelled him to innovate and establish Stick2Hope to help those who are facing the same battle.
Today, Mike changed his lifestyle and manages his disease day by day. He believes that others can do the same. He wears an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor to assist with controlling his diabetes. These incredible, lifesaving devices should be worn proudly.  Stick2Hope patches were created to support this technology and allow diabetics to be expressive.
Mike believes that people can accentuate these devices with an overlay patch and show it off in a unique, entertaining way. Doing so generates good vibes, ultimately fostering the idea that those who have diabetes can still live a successful and fulfilling life.
As Mike saw excitement and growth develop through his company, Stick2Hope, he was looking for a way to give back. Since Mike already had a relationship with the local JDRF chapter, he looked into other ways both organizations could partner together to make a larger impact for the T1D community.  As a corporate partner of JDRF, it has given them an opportunity to reach further into the community allowing them to increase diabetes awareness and in turn their ability to support JDRF’s mission.
Their first full year of business was challenging but as their company’s name became more recognizable, so did their relationship with JDRF.  They were able to reach more local families and increase their contribution across multiple events.
Like Stick2Hope, companies who engage with JDRF consistently go above and beyond to raise money for type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. Our partners give to JDRF in a variety of ways, including through employee and customer engagement, program sponsorship, local chapter and national event sponsorship, and cause-related marketing campaigns. Their generosity increases the amount of research JDRF can fund and accelerates life-changing breakthroughs toward a cure. And we are closer than ever!  Your company can help be the one to make that happen.
JDRF actively seeks new opportunities and welcomes companies’ involvement both locally and nationally. We can work with you on innovative campaigns to help raise awareness of T1D research while helping you meet your corporate social responsibility objectives.